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to surrender on or abandon one thing, regarding evade a obligation: His lover bailed out ahead of the business unsuccessful.

one. to established (an individual) no cost by giving these cash to your court of legislation. He was bailed out by his father. borgtog betaal يَكْفَل، يُطْلَق سَراحُه بالكَفالَه плащам гаранция afiançar dosáhnout propuštění na kauci jemanden auslösen løslade mod kaution αποφυλακίζω κπ. πληρώνοντας εγγύηση pagar fianza kautsjoni vastu vabastama آزاد کردن با پرداخت وجه تعیین شده vapauttaa takuita vastaan fournir une warning pour qqn לְשַׁחרֵר בְּעַרבוּת किसी का जमानत पर छूटना osloboditi jamčevinom óvadék ellenében szabadlábra helyez membebaskan dengan jaminan leysa út með tryggingarfé much uscire su cauzione 保釈する 보석 출옥하다 išlaisvinti už užstatą atbrīvot pret galvojumu/drošības naudu diikat jamin borg staan voorløslate mot kausjon; stille kausjon for zapłacić kaucję (za) په ضمانت خلاصول، په ضمانت خو شې كول afiançar a elibera pe cauţiune освобождать под залог prepustiť na kauciu položiti kavcijo platiti kauciju betala borgen fileör ประกันตัว kefaletle serbest bıraktırmak 把某人保釋出來 брати на поруки ضمانت پر رہا ہونا bảo lãnh 保释,把某人保出来

3. To free somebody that is arrested and would or else keep on being in jail until the demo by giving an amount of cash: I had to spend the weekend in jail since I had no one to bail me out. Did you know who bailed out the accused thief previous night time?

2. (American) to parachute from a airplane within an emergency. uitspring يَقْفِزُ بالمِظَلَّه скачам с парашут saltar vyskočit s padákem mit dem Fallschirm abspringen springe ud i faldskærm πέφτω από αεροπλάνο με αλεξίπτωτο σε περίπτωση κινδύνου lanzarse en paracaídas lennukist langevarjuga välja hüppama پریدن با چتر نجات در مواقع ضروری pelastautua laskuvarjolla lentokoneesta sauter לִצְנוֹח מִמָטוֹס שֶׁנִפגַע आपात में विमान से पैराशूट से उतरना iskočiti padobranom ejtőernyővel kiugrik terjun dengan parasut dalam keadaan darurat lanciarsi col paracadute* パラシュートで脱出する 낙하산으로 탈출하다 iššokti parašiutu izlēkt ar izpletni terjun keluar met parachute uit een vliegtuig springen hoppe ut i fallskjerm wyskoczyć z samolotu na spadochronie پراشوت saltar выбрасывать с парашютом núdzovo vyskočiť s padákom skočiti s padalom iskočiti iz padobrana u slučaju nužde hoppa med (rädda sig i) fallskärm กระโดดร่มหนี paraşütle atlamak 緊急跳傘 викидатися з парашутом ہنگامی حالت میں طیارے سے بذریعہ پیراشوٹ باہر آنا۔ nhảy dù khỏi máy bay hỏng) 跳伞

Sweden's government assumed terrible financial institution debts, but banking companies experienced to jot down down losses and situation an ownership fascination (typical inventory) to the government. Shareholders were being commonly wiped out, but bondholders were being safeguarded.

Central financial institutions deliver loans to help you the system cope with liquidity considerations, wherever banks are unable or unwilling to offer financial loans to businesses or folks.

The government announced the state would assure all bank deposits and creditors in the country's 114 financial institutions.

It's a national shame that in a rustic where by thousands and thousands are available to fund lender bail outs, that cash for essential study into most cancers needs to be funded by charitable donations.

fork out, fork about, fork up, hand more than, convert in, deliver, render - to surrender another person or some thing to a different; "the guard delivered the felony to the law enforcement"; "render up the prisoners"; "render the town for the enemy"; "fork around the money"

To paraphrase, the government will become the owner and might later receive resources by issuing new frequent inventory shares to the public if the nationalized institution is later on privatized.

This bail-in Instrument was first introduced to world wide awareness in Cyprus, as reviewed under, but had been discussed theoretically considering the fact that no less than 2010.

1. To pay for somebody's release from jail. A person's identify or possibly a pronoun can be used concerning "bail" and "out." I really need to go bail out my brother—the police picked him up again, and he is down on the precinct. Bailing my son out from jail was the low place in the year.

The Financial Balance Board (FSB) posted in October 2011 a guideline document entitled "Critical Attributes of Successful Resolution Regimes for Money Institutions" which bargains with The existing bailout regime.[10] The scope of the prepared bail-in regime for collaborating nations around the world is not just limited to substantial domestic banks. As well as these "systemically sizeable or crucial" fiscal establishments, the scope also applies to two even more types of institutions, a) Worldwide SIFIs, Basically, cross-border banking companies which transpire to generally be incorporated domestically in a country that is certainly utilizing the bail-in regime, and b) "Monetary Industry Infrastructures (FMIs)", for Bail bonds Tampa example clearing residences.

Permit insolvent establishments (Individuals with insufficient resources to pay their limited-term obligations or those with much more financial debt than property) are unsuccessful within an orderly way.

2. To parachute from an plane; eject. Usually made use of with out: bailed out with the damaged airplane at the last attainable instant.

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